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The greeters are here to make you feel welcome! They are often the first face or smile you see when you visit Turning Point Faith Ministries. We welcome you now and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!


Music Ministry & Creative Arts 
The Music Ministry exists to provide a comprehensive program of vocal and instrumental music for all ages. The focus of the ministry is threefold, to:

a. Teach the principles of God’s word
b. Admonish one another to walk according to God’s will
c. Praise and worship God for whom He is.


Creative Arts
The Ministry of Creative Arts consists of: Dance Ministry (Children/Youth/Young Adult, Steppers and Rappers (Co-Ed).

The praise dancers and flag team help to create an atmosphere of worship in expression and movements that lifts the congregation into another realm of God’s presence.


Youth & College Life Ministries 
The youth of Turning Point Faith are being taught about the importance of

making quality decisions based on the Word of God.

The purpose of youth department is to minister to the needs of youth ages thirteen to eighteen years of age, by providing ways for the youth to understand and know God. Our goal is to share and enable the youth to experience the Good News in every way possible.


Education Ministry 

The ministry of education & equipping is responsible for making sure that the body is equipped in learning and enhancing our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  All teachers, training, and curriculums are handled through ministry of education.   




 The sole purpose of Special Ministry events is to support the accomplishment of mission-based objectives of the church. The ministry of Corporate Communications & Special Event Coordination ensures smooth operation and communication of major church events through proper planning and preparation.  This Ministry assists all the ministries with any activities planned for presentation of the church body. The events team is dedicated to providing events and activities for the whole family and in celebration of what God’s doing in our midst.  We welcome members and visitors to join us in all of our events. Stay tuned as there is always something going on at Turning Point!



Guest Services

Sanctuary Servants keep order and control the flow of traffic among the members and guests.  They help members and guests within the sanctuary as the worship service is in progress.  Please be mindful of the instructions given by the sanctuary servants.  They have been trained for the service and they have been given authority to carry out the orders given to them by our pastor.



Generation U Turn 

The youth ministry  is focused on nursery, elementary, middle and  high school to provide spiritual guidance in an atmosphere where they can grow, develop, and find their purpose. The youth ministry also hold activities and events specifically geared toward the youth of the church.

Children’s Church 
Children three to twelve years of age are being taught to reverence and respect God and His House. The word is taught at their level, through praise and worship, prayer, testimony and giving. We look at each child as an individual and work to meet their needs through a variety of ways. Children learn through doing, playing, exploring, expressing, experimenting, initiating, creating and wondering. The Children’s Ministry tries to provide learning through all of these models.


Children from birth to two years of age experience Jesus through music and stories. The Nursery staff’s goal is to meet their physical and spiritual needs. The children are provided a safe and comfortable atmosphere with careful supervision, in order to free their parents during worship services.

Visit us on Sunday morning’s during service!


Sound & Audio Vision Team 
This team uses technology and equipment to edify the worship of the saints. The team consists of sound production, video production, lighting, and other sources of enhancing our worship experience.


Turning Point Faith Ministries is committed to reaching the world and sharing the good news of Christ one soul at a time. We are committed to helping our community around us first natural and then spiritual. “Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” Hebrews 13:16

Some of our outreaches include:

  • Dressed for Success
  • Back 2 School Rally
  • Community Fair
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Christmas Gift Giving
  • Blessing of the Seniors – Colonnades

Volunteer and help us make the next event a success!!! Go to:


Presiding Ministers 

As the Body of Christ, we are servant leaders, lay leaders, and ministers called to serve just as Christ did on earth. Your family will be assigned a Family Minister to assist the Pastor in caring for the needs of the people.  When a member has a need, the first contact should be made to your family minister.  The ministers are there to serve the needs of the church body. They assist our pastor by making phone calls, home and hospital visits, informing you of information as they receive instruction from the pastor; help with baptism and communion and/or whatever is needed.


Membership Services

Membership Services is responsible for engaging members and the general public through programs of fellowship, encouraging, discipleship, and accountability. Membership Services supports the members and the church by providing the principal backdrop, climate, and way of life for members while they are at church. In addition, they provide helpful benefits and services to families and individuals who join the church when they are in need.



 Discipleship classes are offered every Sunday in a six week rotation.  We invite all who are interested in joining Turning Point Faith to join our discipleship classes to learn more about what it means to be a believer of Christ, how to walk as a believer in this world, what does the bible say about you, and how to live for the kingdom of God. 


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