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Get Connected! 

Welcome to Turning Point Faith Ministries.  We pray that every time you join us that you and your family are welcomed with love.  As a church family we believe in the power of prayer and the word of God.  We invite you to get connected, join us for worship, participate in one of our events, learn about what God’s doing in our midst and be a part of something great.  We recognize you only receive the full benefit of something if you are fully connected. We are waiting on you!

What We Believe

We believe God is the creator and ruler of the universe.  He has eternally existed in three person the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe that he has created each of us in His image and likeness and that we all have a destiny and purpose to fulfill on this earth.   We believe that man was created to exist forever, to exist with God or to exist separate from God. We believe Jesus is the savior of men and that salvation is a gift from God. We believe the Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer to provide guidance and spiritual truth


Turning Point Faith is a ministry to serve people.  We exist to empower individuals in kingdom growth through their Faith, Families, Finances, and their Future.  We believe in equipping individuals spiritually first and then naturally.  We endeavor to teach the word of God that will draw people to a closer relationship with the Father.  To encourage and demonstrate the importance to strengthen, improve, and encourage better relationships with personal and church family.  To be a church that understands sowing and reaping. To groom our next generation for Godly servant leadership and to be a positive force for change in the community and the world at large.

Pastor Cassandra Scott and the TPFM Welcome you!


Dr. Cassandra E. Scott (a.k.a. Pastor C) is completely committed to restoring the people of God’s faith, families, finances, and futures. She founded Created2Produce, Cassandra Scott Ministries and Turning Point Faith with a desire to help people find their turning point to destiny.

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